Sunday, April 11, 2010

Louie and The Redhead Lady, Mandeville, LA

Thursday, April 8, it rained during the night. The front moved through and dropped the temperature ten degrees and wiped out the humidity. After breakfast Bob leaves to get a haircut (later he says there are 19 ahead of him but he waits anyway--none of them are in Tiger Woods corner for this weekend!) Right before Bob left as I'm doing the breakfast dishes, my friend Cathy from my hometown in Missouri calls! We have a nice chat. It's so great to hear from her. She had 40-plus at her house for Easter!

I call Escapees to get our mail delivered, address some cards and so my stretching. Bob returns and we stop in the office to get on the shuttle schedule tomorrow to go to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Then we head west on 190 towards Mandeville, paralleling Tammany Trace Trail. It is weird to pass all of the places we can barely see from the bike trail here along 190.

We spot Louie & the Redhead Lady and do a bat turn to have lunch. I enjoy the Seafood Salad. I asked them to hold the bacon but it comes with bacon and I get no crab. I ask the waitress about it and she says they are out of crab (like I wouldn't notice the seafood salad is missing the crab-even if it has oysters and shrimp as well!) So she brings me more fried oysters and that's a good thing as they are very sweet and fixed perfectly. Bob has the Cobb Salad with boiled shrimp. We both enjoy the Creole Vinaigrette. The salads have the tangiest chunks of blue cheese I've ever had. On the side we get garlic-cheese biscuits--very tasty! At the end we have a surprise--they take cash only; no credit cards. Fortunately we can cover our meal and don't have to do dishes. I snap a picture in the ladies room "Eat, drink, and wear jewelry!" The Redhead Lady has a flair for decorating and accessorizing.

Next we head to St. Francis animal Shelter Thrift Store just off the bike trail in Mandeville. We couldn't haul anything home on our bikes when we were here so we came back with the truck. It's a good thing too since we find bargain books; paperbacks five for $1.00 and hardbacks two for $1.00! I find a cute colorful Mexican salsa bowl and a bracelet in fun summer colors. We try to hit the Samaritan thrift shop down the street but it closed at 2:00.

So we head back east on 190 and stop at a metal art junque store that has five or six buildings of metal art, pots, etc. We leave empty-handed as most of it is too big for our RV lifestyle. It's 7:42 p.m. and 69 degrees with 30% humidity-Wow, what a change! I took an anti-histamine earlier today as these No-see-ums are killing me. Every time I get a new bite they all start itching again.

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