Monday, April 19, 2010

Laundry and Speckled T's

Fin-tailed silverware at Speckled T's
Thursday, April 15, I slept like a rock in spite of a headache from the sun and wind on our bike ride yesterday. Or maybe it was dehydration. Whatever, it started to hit me last night but I managed to pass out. The headache returned this morning as soon as I got up. This morning I finished Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the Bike" trying to find inspiration. It seems appropriate to read it now as we're doing all of this serious (for us) riding. His heart rate on the big climb in the Tour de France was 190 beats per minute. Yikes!

I stretch and then sort five loads of laundry. We have breakfast and Bob lubricates and adjusts the hitch and checks the air pressure and fluids. There was a weird drip under the truck when we got back to the trail head yesterday. He suspected it might be a fuel leak, maybe from when they dropped our tank to fix the intake pump. But he doesn't see anything when he checks it out this morning.

Around 11:00 I take the laundry across the road where I find one German lady in the laundry room who is just putting two loads in the dryer. She gives me some lip about "you must save up your laundry for a month or something" when she sees my five loads. I wanted to9 ask her how she only does two loads and manages to get her bedding done but I decided silence was the best policy. It must have been 95 degrees in that laundry room so maybe that was making me testy.

Anyway I got two rolls of quarters from the office and helped Bob move the bikes to the garage while I was over there. Then I found a new book; John McEnroe's "You Cannot Be Serious." It seems I'm on a sports theme kick this month. Bob comes over to help me fold. We stow it all and head to lunch by 1:30.

We ended up eating at Speckled T's as we couldn't find Pat's that my hairdresser recommended. I have today's special "Crawfish Monica" (sauteed crawfish tails in a cheese sauce with new potatoes over angel hair pasta and salad with four-cheese Parmesan dressing-excellent! Bob has catfish that reminds us of The Maxican's in Burnet, TX, except they served it with cocktail sauce here. We just love the cute fin-tailed silverware here. We looked at the dessert menu but alas they have no DoBerge Cake. I guess we'll have to leave Louisiana without trying it. Our waitress recommends an outrageous banana rum thing but we pass.

We stopped at Margarite's Bakery off of Gause that my hairdresser also mentioned. They have a DoBerge Cake for $32.00! We only want one piece, not a whole cake. These things are huge, six-layer concoctions. Finally we get fuel and a car wash. The third gas station has a newspaper.

Back home I take the decor down and do the pre-move packing. And I still have to remake the bed after our trip to the laundry. Then we bring in the bikes. It is very windy today. I'm glad we're not riding. I call Shady Cove RV Park in Hattiesburg, MS and leave a voice message. Charlene calls back and says they have a site for a week to ten days. I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I say that every time it's time for us to move on. This lifestyle is so weird. You go somewhere for a month and it stretches out before you as if it will never end. And then, poof, you wake up and the next day it's time to move again.

It's 5:21 p.m. and 74 degrees with 55% humidity. It sure feels warmer than that. The high was 75 and the low was 61. It is 81 degrees inside the RV. We can't seem to get a cross breeze today.

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