Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shipshewana Revisited

Tuesday, May 25, I'm up at 6:40. Am I getting used to this 'fast time' as Reva calls it? The A/C is on but not running. The low is 65 and it gets up to 84 today. Last night I suddenly remembered my prescription mouth rinse our dentist gave me for my mouth ulcers. I've had a serious case ever since we were sick. They sure feel better this morning. Must be a 'senior moment' to not be able to remember I had a solution the whole time. I stretch and check my email. I have a message from my sister, Carla. She got the wedding pictures I emailed to her.

We have breakfast and clean up. We go outside to leave for Shipshewana and end up chatting with Riva and Dona for a bit.l It is 11:30 by the time we leave. It is hot already but not as humid as yesterday. The flea market it more crowded this week. We park one more row down but of course we arrived later this week. We start at the beginning again. Bob finds brass valve stem covers for our bike tires. I find two golf visors for $5.00 for both! The same booth has a Snowflake Obsidian magnetic bracelet that I just have to have. And I find a small nosegay of spring flowers and a long summer greenery vine for $6.00.

We have a break for a Diet Pepsi and a bottle of water and watch an adorable white puppy eat ice cream out of his bowl. Then we wander for a few more stalls and buy a chair seatback for our Euro chairs (2 for $15.00) that we hope will give us some lumbar support. We take them to the truck as they are bulky to carry. Then we decide to walk to Blue Plate Restaurant where we dine in the 'menu' section rather than the buffet downstairs.

I have Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich and Sweet Potato Casserole. Bob has a chicken/ham wrap and fruit. The complimentary loaf of Amish bread is very plain so we pile on the apple butter and peanut butter honey. There is a sweet BBQ sauce on my dense meatloaf sandwich that is excellent. On the way out we check out the attached bakery but don't find any pretzel rolls. There was a mile-high Lemon Meringue pie and monster cookies but we passed.

We walk back to shop the Flea Market, starting on this end this time. We don't quite get though with the whole thing by 4:30. I find a black leather purse insert for my backpack purse that I have been looking for and three micro-fiber towels. And Bob find wooden screw covers for our handrail for the stairs up to the bedroom. I spy a little booth to get chocolate graham pretzels and salty trail mix crackers. One booth has custom license plate art that catches my eye. They also have some wooden plaques with old bicycle and golf advertisements on the. They are the perfect size for a spot we have in the RV so they go home with us. On the way out we buy a big soft pretzel for $3.00 with honey mustard dip.

The weather was way better than when we were here last week in a chilly, strong wind. We head home for welcome iced tea and we go outside to sit and chat with Don and Reva. Don made two more corn hole games today and gave them away already. We give them our last oak TV table that we have replaced with our new coffee table. Reva puts her drink and embroidery on it right away. We laugh at the antics of the ground squirrels that are so prevalent here. Doves and little wrens are also busy. Bob and I say goodnight at 8:00. We come in for leftovers and watch NCIS and NCIS LA, and "V" while we record Good Wife. It's 9:40 p.m. and 76 degrees with 56% humidity.

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