Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Haircuts Got Cut

Wednesday, May 26, I'm up at 6:40 a. m. and it is warm already. I have an email from my brother Mike. He liked Travis and Callie's wedding blog. Nice to get feedback once in a while so I know someone is reading, especially when I'm behind. It keeps me motivated. I surf for Lippert (our rear stabilizer manufacturer) and find them south of downtown Goshen! Maybe we can get our motor straight from the horse's mouth! Actually I saw an on-line RV chat room that mentioned a new Lippert hydraulic levelling system that works for 5th wheels (usually you just see them for motorhomes) and Bob said "Lippert is our rear stabilizer manufacturer." Otherwise I would never have looked them up and found out they were right here in Goshen.

Bob and I have Thomas thin bagels for breakfast (thanks, Debbie, for turning us on to these.) I stretch and get cleaned up. We watch weekend warriors arrive early this morning across the road and set up a pop-up, unload huge stacks of firewood, cut the grass, put up a cabana, and trim the weeds for three sites around theirs. Yikes! Don goes down to say hi as they were here last year. He has his daily fire going already this morning.

We head to Goshen. The barber downtown that we thought was closed on Mondays is actually closed on Wednesdays. Bummer! So we walk around trying to decide what to do. I find a salon and I walk in and make an appointment for tomorrow at 11:30. We'll be back and try it again tomorrow. I really wanted to go to the salon Reva recommended but I don't want to wait until after the holiday when she's back. And it seems easier to park in one place downtown and both of us get our hair cut. We can avoid trying to park near the construction on 33 where Reva's salon is located.

We cross the street to Goshen Antique Mall where we spend two hours (2-hour parking in the public lot we're in) going through 25-cent postcards. Bob goes through some other stashes throughout the store. I find 43 postcards for 25 cents and he find a dozen others or so for a total of $38.00. The guy asks us what we're doing here when he sees my Texas check. He asks if we knew about the RV Park at the County Fairgrounds.

We walk to the corner on Lincoln for lunch at Tony's Famous Italian Grill. This is a real 'joint'! Our waitress apparently has ADD but she knows everyone in here and what they plan to order. I have Eggplant Parmesan with a side of spaghetti-the red sauce is a bit on the sweet side for my taste. Bob has Tony's Giant Roast Beef sandwich. Another waitress describes Shoefly Pie (I've seen it several places in the area) as "like pecan pie but tastes like molasses cookies and is chewy." We are stuffed and skip pie altogether.

Next up on our agenda is Martin's grocery for fruit and Vege Beef Soup fixin's. Then back home to stow the groceries and make the soup recipe Bob got off the Internet. Then we have to go outside to cool off as it gets pretty warm in the RV with the big pot of soup boiling. Bob takes the burnt up motor off of the rear jacks after he finds his disposable gloves 'down under.' It's 5:02 p.m. and 83 degrees. Around 6:00 Don and Reva return and we pull our lawn chairs in the shade on the site next to theirs down the hill. It's 91 degrees inside the RV so it feels good out here. They have wood ants they're spraying for at their place. We enjoy a nice evening visiting with them.

After a bowl of Beef Vege Soup I send emails and post a link on my Facebook page to the wedding. It's 11:30 p.m. and 74 degrees with 55% humidity. The high is 84 and the low is 66 today.

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