Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to Ohio for Rick and Debbie; Laundry for Reet and Bob

All packed up to head back to Ohio
Thursday, May 20, I sleep in until 9:20. I must still be feeling the effects of being sick. Bob and I decide to have breakfast and settle our queasy stomachs while Rick and Debbie are packing up this morning next door. We see the guy with the four German Shepherds come by. Around 10:15 Rick and Debbie knock on our door as we are finishing breakfast. We tell them we'll be out in a bit. We though they were just getting ready and weren't leaving until between noon and 2:00. But they hit the road once they're all packed up. They said Don and Reva gave them shelled pecans. How nice!

Hate to see them go but tomorrow's forecast is for rain. Bob and I clean up the kitchen and pack up four loads of laundry. I strip the bed too after our sick days. We only pick up one of our new $1.00 laundry hampers twice and the strap breaks the second time. Oh well. One washing machine gets stuck at 15 minutes remaining so it is way behind the others. I walk to the office to tell them. She says that one has troubles and she'll send him (Brandis, I guess) down when he returns. I ask her to have our firepit moved further away before the holiday weekend as it is too close to our RV. More on that this weekend.

By the time I get back to the laundry room the washer has finished; after getting stuck at10 minutes for a while. Brandis never does show up. We're out of there at 4:30. Don is nice enough to move his truck so we can back into our site. He has his golf cart off the truck finally! Reva backed it off-how brave of her. We have leftovers for lunch.

We drag our lawn chairs over and visit with Don and Reva until 6:00. Barry, the owner, drives by on the Gator and chats about his '72 Vette, our diesel truck and the pool being full. It took 27 hours to fill it up. We chat about the missing clear coat on our RV too.

Riva's daughter Debbie and hubby Roy and grandson John and grandaughter come by. We chat for a bit and head home. We have leftovers for dinner too. We're starting to be able to see the inside of the refrigerator. We put the laundry away at last. Don was right; it's still there. Then we watch TV. It's 7:25 p.m. and 73 degrees with 25% humidity. The high was 75 and the low was 47.

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