Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RV Coffee Table, South Side Soda Shop, and Goshen Antique Mall

Menu from South Side Soda Shop, Goshen, IN

Guy Fieri of Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives visits South Side Soda Shop

Friday, May 21, it rained all night. I'm up at 8:15 and it's still sprinkling. First thing this morning I boil up a pot of potatoes (I have a 5-pound bag I need to use up since I never made the rest of my recipes after we all got sick.) We have fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.

My friend Cathy from my hometown calls to let me know one of our classmates and my neighbor, Lynn's mother passed away. It was nice of her to call and let me know. We had a nice chat. It's always good to catch up with her.

Old-time diner decor

We finally get a move on by 11:30 and head out under cloudy skies to Elkhart RV Salvage and Surplus where we pick out a folding coffee/end table. We found the floor sample with the fewest dings and just as we head to the checkout Bob finds some brand new ones, still in the shrink-wrap. So we find one really close to the wood in our RV, pay $95.00 and we're outta there. Many thanks to Tom and Nan-Marie who told us about this place where they got their coffee table we admired so much. They still had some like the one they got but this one folds up smaller so we can store it beside the couch. I do like the way there's adjusts to different heights but we can't have everything.

Dessert case and check-out

Next we head across the street to RV Factory Store where we got our sewer hose extension. This time we get a wooden handrail for our stairway to the bedroom for a grand total of $2.50! We saw it when we were here before but we needed to take measurements.

Interior view

We go south on Main where we are stopped by a train and then head on to Goshen. We spot the Wrapture Hair Salon that Reva told me about. Paula, who does her hair, is not back until after the holiday weekend I think. We go on to Meijer's for a few groceries in spite of our crowded fridge. We just don't have the right groceries. I put the eggs in the cooler and we head south on Main (15) in Goshen to South Side Soda Shop. This is a Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives find. Guy Fieri's picture is up front. He's ranting and raving about the Dinner Seafood Feast which is not available at 2:30 in the afternoon.

So Bob has the Philly Cheese and I have the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich on Swedish Limpa Bread (homemade Swedish Rye with orange peel and oatmeal.) That was heaven! And I have a bowl of their award-winning chili-"Best in Michiana." It is mild for our Texas palates. I can't resist trying their Coconut Creme Pie. Our waitress shows us a 4-foot diameter dessert tray of pies and cakes.

Downtown Goshen, IN

Goshen Courthouse

We take an umbrella back to the truck as it is pouring. We stop in downtown Goshen at the Antique Mall that has thousands of postcards. I look at a fraction of therm and buy $30.00 worth. Bob finds a Martin fly casting reel and uses my phone to call my brother Mike in Texas to see if he's interested for the price. Apparently Mike has been looking for one of these old reels. Mike says he's still looking for one. So Bob has the lady get it out of the case and notes that it is missing a nut. He'll research further and confer with Mike. This is a great mall and we'll be back since we didn't get here until 3:45 and it closes at 5:00 today.

Main and Washington

We walk south on Main to True Value Hardware for silicone. Bob tries on a light jacket but no dice. The Main street area has been revitalized here. I snap a few pictures. We spot several restaurants. On the way back we drive east on Hwy 4 (Lincoln) to Abshire Park to find Pumpkinvine Trail Head. We might get a ride in while we're here.

We're home by 6:00. On the way it is raining and then the sun peeks through and provides a beautiful double rainbow as we zoom through Bristol. It is still raining at the RV Park and we have to drag our stuff in between the raindrops.

Our new coffee table at home on The Titanic

It doubles as an end table

We're ready for a party!

We set up our new coffee table and it looks great in here! It's 7:46 p.m. and 61 degrees. The high was 75 and the low was 58. Bob downloads new AT&T software and it doesn't work. he loses his desktop icon and can't find the program on the hard drive. My heart sinks as it's been two weeks since I downloaded my email. Fortunately on our second attempt from my user ID it works.

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