Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicken Cacciatore and Chores

Bob checks out the trolling motor, battery and charger.

Sunday, May 23, I'm up at 7:15 to a sunny, humid day. I stretch first thing and then we enjoy Meijor's tasty Chicken Apple Sausage that we discovered last year in Ohio where we first encountered Meijer's grocery stores. After cleaning up I make an old Chicken Cacciatore recipe in order to use up the chicken we bought in Slidell. I'm going through cupboards as I cook this morning and finally axe my Pescho Bitters. I haven't used them in five years and now I'm afraid to. Justin Wilson had some great recipes using this aromatic liquid.

This morning I work on journal pages through April 25th. I can't believe I'm still one month behind. Bob fixes our wheel chock and gets out his trolling motor, battery and charger. All are in working order after being in our new 'down under' storage. I find a Retro Country radio station and get in a groove as I post journal pages.

My brother Mike sends a picture over his cell phone of the face of his Martin reel. His doesn't really have nuts on the face; more like rivets. So the search continues! It's 12:55 p.m. and 75 degrees with 60% humidity. Bob made me turn off the Fantastic Fan so the pine pollen doesn't come in. My dutch oven's making it hot in here. After we enjoy the Chicken Cacciatore we go for a walk. I snap a picture of one of the campground rules signs under the pavilion. Bob takes his fly rod but doesn't stay long as the pond is covered with cottonseed. It looks like snow!

Check out the fuzzies on the pond!

I call Mom and have a nice chat. She and Dad were re-making the bed after washing the bedding. They knew about our neighbor Mrs. Rothermich passing away. Dad got on the phone but couldn't hear me even after I called back. We'll try again next time.

I work on journal pages and get through the Travis and Callie's wedding rehearsal April 30. I call Bob's cousin Patti to wish them a Happy 40th Anniversary but they are not home so I leave a voice message. I watch Brooks and Dunn "The Last Rodeo." It's 8:31 p.m. and humid. The high was 82 degrees!

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