Wednesday, June 2, 2010

River Inn Restaurant, Bristol, IN

Here I am at the end of my rope after journaling for three hours!

Saturday, May 22, after weird nightmares I get up at 8:30 this morning. It is cloudy and wet. It rained all night. I go through 60 emails that I downloaded after last night's software fiasco. Then I stretch and have breakfast. Back to my emails.

Around 1:00 we go to lunch. Reva and Don are outside when we leave. She says they thought they might have to come check on us to see if we were sick again. Off to lunch in Bristol where we finally find the entrance (upper one to the lounge)for River Inn Restaurant. Our waitress is new but the food is good. We have heavenly Vegetable Beef Soup. Afterwards Bob goes home and surfs the Net to find a similar recipe. He chooses two grilled pork chops for lunch and I have Whitefish Sandwich on pretzel bread. It was great. Go boxes for both of us.

Back home Don and Reva are just leaving. I work on-line for about three hours doing email, Facebook, pictures and journal pages. I'm exhausted. Bob and I go for a walk. We can see pine pollen blowing like thick fog through the air. Back home I call my brother Mike to chat. He cancelled his Bennett Springs trip to Missouri this coming week. They have had 12 inches of rain in May near Lebanon, MO. That would make the trout stream no fun to fish. Bob talks to him about the missing nut on the Martin fly feel and it sounds like one to pass on maybe.

We have leftovers for dinner. I take out the trash and Don and Riva are outside. I go back inside and retrieve Don's birthday postcard and some lighthouses for Reva's daughter and granddaughter and an Escapees magazine to give them. Don is shelling pecans. Reva has a bag of kitten pillowcase embroidery.

I sit and chat. The sun is finally out and it is a nice day to be outdoors. Don put up a hummingbird feeder and one attacked him before he could get it hung. They had a raccoon visitor last night. It stole Reva's hard-to-find Zesta whole wheat crackers. Bob soon joins us and we chat until about 9:30 when real fog rolls in. Right after we go inside a guy comes in with a travel trailer across the road. His diesel makes a lot of noise as he jockeys around for about a half an hour. It seems kind of late to be arriving. Sure is hard to get in a site in the dark. It's 9;58 p.m. and 64 degrees with 69% humidity. The high was 71 and the low was 60.

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