Saturday, June 5, 2010

Housekeeping and New Motor

Cigarettes cost more than fuel!

Friday, May 28, I don't wake up until 9:20! Must be this 'fast time.' Of course I sleep like a rock with the windows open and a cool breeze after the cold front. The low is 59; not much difference in temp but the humidity is only 37% at 2:00 p.m.

After a late breakfast I go into a pine-pollen induced housecleaning frenzy. Bob puts the new jack motor on the rear stabilizers. Two crazed weekend warriors zoom by the back of the RV in travel trailers with only inches to spare from our bikes so they can back in going the wrong way three sites down the hill.

Don and Reva are sitting out at the picnic table on the site next to theirs with Ginger the poodle as I shake out our throw rugs. Reva says when I'm done I can come do site 193! I say no way. I get the pollen off all the screens and windowsills. I even find a piece of trim above the hall window that fell off.

We have showers and do leftovers for lunch. Then we go for a walk. We see Dona and Reva at the bus driver gal's travel trailer across the park. We come back and sit out front Reva joins us in her lawn chair. Don makes a corn hole game (I wish I would have had my camera when he came over with his face stuck through the hole!)

Reva brought 'apple' and 'fall' curtains for my salt 'n pepper and napkins holders and a cross bookmark. How nice of her. I have her the Pistachio Cake, Orange Coconut Cake and Microwave Green Bean Casserole recipes. She brings Don's Mandarin Orange Pineapple Cake recipe for me. We sat out and kept moving our chairs to stay out of the sun to we watched "The Show" as the RV Park fills up for the holiday weekend. Jim and Betty join us. They got their water leak they discovered this morning fixed. Betty brought square pretzels with vanilla, chocolate mint and peanut butter melted wafers topped by M&Ms. Very tasty! She also shows us her green and white towels with names embroidered for gifts. Very classy.

They see their grandson walking up behind our RV with a fishing pole. He going to the office for bait with his friend. Soon his sister, Nina, yells out "Grandpa!" from over by Jim and Betty's trailer. Their daughter and two dogs, Francis, a black standard poodle and a smaller black and white dog like a border collie show up on a golf cart. There are hugs for grandma and grandpa. Nina shows us her lime green cast from a baseball injury.

Dianna from two sites up the hill walked over around 9:00. Bruce is going to bed already. She's limping from sciatica. She quit smoking last week as $47.00 per week for a carton of cigarettes was too much for her. I got a kick out of the local gas station signs that list the price of gas at $2.69, diesel at $2.68 and Marlboros at $4.95!

We all went in around 9:15 when the bugs started biting. It's 9:45 p.m. and 76 degrees with 47% humidity. The high was 82 degrees. The entire campground smells like campfire smoke.

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