Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 May 31 Rain, Rain Go Away

Monday, May 31, it starts raining early and the campers pack up like wild people. I get up at 8:00 and watch the show. It turns into a strange, quiet day as the campground empties out. A guy starts to pull out down the way with his front door wide open and a roof vent open in the rain. He jumps out to check it out when he realizes it and his dog jumps out of the camper onto the muddy road. The good times are over early.

I work on journal pages and pictures off and on all day. Bob has a hitch in his back and takes it easy. We do leftovers for lunch and dinner. This evening we watch a new TV show, The Good Guys, starring Bradley Whitford of West Wing who has transformed himself for the role. It’s 9:31 p.m. and 68 degrees with 77% humidity.

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