Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Jun 2 Before and After Holiday Photos at Eby’s Pines Campground

Wednesday, June 2, I am abruptly awakened at 4:00 a.m. as a dog nearby lets out an unholy yelp for ten minutes. I thought it was a little kid being tortured. My neck is kinked again so I move to the couch and toss and turn there for an hour before I finally fall back asleep until 9:45! It is cloudy; one front came through in the wee hours of the morning and another arrives late morning. We had quite a bit of rain and some wind with the second one.

I start my day with a stretch to work out my neck kink. Bob’s back is still delicate so we are quite a pair. After breakfast I work on my journal pages and Facebook until we have leftovers for lunch around 2:00. It’s possible all of this catching up of my journal and sitting at the laptop for hours on end is contributing to my neck issues. Whatever! I work on more journal pages after lunch.

We go out for a walk with the camera to get “after holiday” shots of the campground. It is completely amazing how this place was transformed over the holiday weekend. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it. I’ve seen it before on other holidays in other campgrounds but I never took the time to gets ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. You still had to be here to really get the feel of the circus atmosphere and then the isolation afterwards.

Our campground row without the holiday mob--The Titanic enjoys peace and quiet.

Our campground row with the holiday mob surrounding us!

Not a soul in the pool before the holiday

Standing room only for the entire holiday weekend

You can see the row in front of us before the mob descends

The row in front of us is jam packed

This circle of campsites down by the river was empty the entire time we were here except for the holiday weekend.

The same circle of campsites down by the river with no sites available!

In my usual overkill fashion I took photos from every angle. There are many more rows and sections of the campground but the story the pictures tell is the same. A peaceful, almost empty campground became a mass of swarming humanity overnight! What a zoo!

Don and Reva are just returning from lunch. She says she almost came and knocked on our door this morning as their water heater is still working! They even turned it off and back on again! We go for our walk and the mosquitoes get us after all of this rain. The campground is empty except for a few seasonals who have stayed on.

Back home I work on more journal pages. I’m caught up to May 24th. (Little do I know we’ll have no Internet access for weeks after we leave here and I get way behind again.) Bob is bored. His back won’t let him fish, work a puzzle or get on the computer (not that he could with me hogging the laptop.)

Don and Reva’s family is over playing cards. He is finally done with his woodworking and cleared off their picnic table. It’s 6:13 p.m. and 54 degrees with 54% humidity. The high is 80 after a low of 65. We have an email from Blair at Hay Lake in Minnesota. She forwarded my Shipshewana Flea Market blog to a cousin in California who is from here. It is interesting to hear about their hiking and rock rappelling adventures considering they just celebrated their 40th!

Around 7:30 we join Don and Reva outside by the fire. It gets chilly as the sun goes down. Jim and Betty and Ginger join us too. Ginger is on my lap and Reva takes a picture. She doesn’t know how to email it so I offer to show her sometime. (We manage to work it out before she leaves and here is the picture she took!) Patty in the Avion next door comes home with her hubby. She comes over to chat. Her black dog with the muzzle is still barking like crazy while she tries to have a conversation with us. The poor thing wants his momma! We go in around 9:15 as Don’s solar lights come on.

Reva snaps a picture of Rita and Ginger sharing a quiet moment

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