Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Jun 1 Lucchesse’s, Antiques and Visit with Burgers

Tuesday, June 1, I can’t believe it’s a month since Travis and Callie’s wedding! Where did the time go? When I get up at 8:00 my neck is stiff and it turns into a major migraine. What a bummer. After breakfast I get out buckets and brushes to get the pine pollen and bugs off The Titanic. The awnings are full of the stuff. Bob scrapes off putty around the skirt that has been there since they built it.

Bob joins Don and Reva to kibitz from their front porch as I clean on our side of the road. Reva walks over to show me her moccasin planter she wants to put a cactus in. I clean myself up and take a magic pill for my migraine since the physical activity didn’t knock it. Don and Reva leave so they put Ginger back inside Jim and Betty’s trailer. She did not want to go inside. They are at the laundry room.

Bob and I leave shortly for lunch at Luchesse’s, an Italian place in Elkhart. Bob has the mini-rigatoni and meatballs. I enjoy the baked mostaccioli with meatballs along with a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup. I am a big fan of this delightful soup and try it wherever we travel. This one is in the top three of all time. Wow! We get go boxes and head to Middlebury Street through the construction detour to Main where we get cash at our bank that we saw a few days ago. I get some rolls of quarters for the laundry while I’m at it.

Then we head north on 19 to CR 4 to Elkhart Antique Mall. It has a small storefront but a big, long metal building proves to be roomy inside. They have interesting stuff to look at. We find five books and leave to head east on County Road 4 and arrive home by 5:30. We drag our lawn chairs to Don and Reva’s. Don and Bob go around the back to see if Bob can get their water heater to do anything. Reva and I go to our place where I give her a tour of The Titanic. I show her our new coffee table that prompted us to give our old tray table to them. We chat for a bit in the living room. Bob comes in to say he got their water heater to light once and heat up. They’ll have to see if it starts up by itself next time.

I take some trail mix over when we head back to their place outside. Doug and his son James come by to drop off some wood for Don. Don and Reva put curtains on a salt ‘n pepper and napkin holder for his wife. We head home at 8:30 before the bugs start up and watch a repeat NCIS. It’s 9:46 p.m. and 73 degrees with 54% humidity. The high was 80 with a low of 63. What a perfect day. We end it with leftover soup that was mighty tasty.

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