Saturday, October 31, 2009

Window Washing on Halloween--Now That's Scary!

Gertrude says Happy Halloween aboard The Titanic!
Saturday, October 31, it was a chilly 44 degrees this morning; 57 degrees in the living room as we had the heater on low. I enjoyed my coffee and got on-line. I'm maxed out on my photos on my Good Sam site so I tweeked the aesthetics of my new Facebook page.

After a light breakfast and stretch I got a burst of energy and started housecleaning. Somehow the regular cleaing morphed into washing the interior windows. That turned out to be a good decision as I found some 'construction' gunk behind some of the day/night shades that we rarely open. Had to use my Goo Gone to get whatever it was off. The day turns out to be sunny with clear blue skies so my window cleaning was very noticeable. I love that.

Bob tinkered with several projects while I was in a cleaning frenzy. He checked the voltage on the thermostat for the A/C and furnace. It would seem we need a new thermostat. The digital readout on this one keeps blanking out. The manual has all these BIG LETTER WARNINGS about being very careful not to disturb the delicate circuitry of the thermostate unit. Why in the world they put in at shoulder level on the second step up to the bedroom is beyond me. When we were moving in boxes both of us crunched into it and bounced off several times. I guess we did it in.

He tried to put a replacement spoke on the rear wheel of his bike but of course it's on the side that needs a special tool to get the sprocket off. Foiled by that he found the emory tool for the commode to file off rough edges. We're having trouble with the seal holding water so he filed off the edge. We'll see what happens; so far so good.

We broke for leftovers for lunch. My lasagna from Amici's was enough for the two of us to split. I got myself cleaned up while he cleaned the inside of the truck. Then we walked to QT on Union for a paper. It is a gorgeous day-an unlikely Halloween weather pattern. The high was 71 with 36% humidity. Now this is why we moved south!

Back home to read the paper. The western sun is streaming in my clean bay window in the back by our Euro chairs. We got hot reading the paper. I had to move to the loveseat on the shady curbside. I put new batteries in my frother and made myself a latte. Tonight is game three of the World Series. Just checked email and had some great photos from Bob's cousin, Michael Monat, in Colorado of his parent's 90th and 91st birthdays. Just got some picture on email from my nephew Travis in Missouri of an 18-wheeler that completely burned up along a roadway (he works as a dispatcher.) Anyway, the driver wasn't hurt but it sure brought back horrible memories of RV's we've seen burn to the frame. But I won't think about that now Scarlet!

It's 5:57 p.m. and 71 degrees. We didn't have any Trick or Treaters in this RV Park last year so I didn't even buy any candy. I'll be embarrassed if any show up tonight.


OsageBluffquilter said...

You can come and wash my windows any time.

Think I will go made myself a pumpkin latte while waiting for the treat or treaters.

Count is zero so far.

We saw a tractor trailer burning on our way to Iowa 2 weeks ago. Scary! Thank goodness it was in the opposite lane.

Happy Halloween.

PS I love you blog!!!

Rita said...

I'm so happy I haven't 'lost' you as a reader after being gone from my journaling for so long. Thanks for folowing along in our travels.