Friday, October 30, 2009

Laundry and Amici's Italian Eatery, Prattville, OK

Friday, October 30, At 7:30 a.m. it is a chilly 49 degrees in the living room without the heater on. I enjoy hot hazelnut coffee (now that Darth Vader and I are friends again-I figured out the lid problem, it was sticking and causing my coffee pot to overflow every time I used it) as I work on the laptop. I was on a roll with my journal construction until I maxed out 150 images in 30 days on my new Good Sam site (the free version.) Just when I get committed to catching up I'm stopped by limits not of my own making. Well, I guess it is of my own making since I don't want to pay for the premium upgrade. Normally I would not upload that many pictures to my journal in a month. But it didn't take long to max out as I try to catch up a year and a half. Oh well, I used the time this morning to upload Roswell, NM, art museum pictures to Facebook instead. There's always something to suck up all of your free time.

We have a light breakfast on this glorious sunny morning. I sort four loads of clothes and stick my head in the laundry room here at the RV Park. No one is in there and they have four washers. They took out the two huge commercial dryers since last year and replace theym with two residential gas dryers. We forge ahead and put four loads in the washing machines. Bob goes home to take a shower and I remain with the laundry and read my Henry Ford.

Bob joins me soon and we fold them all by 1:00 (only 2 hours, not bad.) We stow them which is a much easier job in our new RV with our huge closet in the bedroom slide-out and big drawers under the bed. We leave for lunch at old Lee's Diner in Prattville, OK at 41st and 113th. It has undergone an extreme makeover earlier this year. Chef Sean Donohue, executive chef for 20 years mostly with Sheraton Hotel chain, reopened it as Amici's Italain Eatery. We saw a write-up in tulsa World so we checked it out on-line and decided to try it.

We took Union north to 41st, west to 113th. Lee's old sign is still out front. They have been open for four months and have nicely remodeled in a Tuscan decor. We arrive at 1:50 (lunch in until 2:00) and are given lunch menus that have no soups listed. On the web site reviewers rave about Ministrone Soup. I ask our waitress, who asked us if we'd ever been in before, about the soup and we got a 'cup' of Minestrone (more like a bowl.) I had Lasagna and Bob tried the Chicken Sinatra (sauteed chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, garlic and shallots with angel hair pasta in a ciliantro sauce.

They serve big slabs of crusty Italian load bread with parsley garlic butter. Everything was topped with big shavings of parmesan. We'll be back. My lasagna was enough to feed three people and it was served with a side of fetuccini alfredo! Our waitress left early after serving our lunches to go to her granddaughter's Halloween Party. We got a paper at QT on Union on the way home. Bob and I were discussing earlier this week how this is our fourth year to spend part of the fall in Tulsa, and our third time here at Tulsa Warrior Campground-the first year we were at Mingo RV Park east of here. It's nice to come back to places where you know hot to get around, especially if they have all the things we love to do like Tulsa does. It always surprised people when we say Tulsa is one of our favortie places we've visited. The fall weather is great, they have miles and miles of bike trails, very inexpensive golf courses, it is large enough to have cultural events, and the food is fantastic.

We read the paper while the sunshine warmed the RV. The high was only 61 degrees with 30% humidity. It's 4:50 p.m. No World Series tonight; they travel to Philly for game three tied at one a piece.

Amici's Italian Restaurant

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